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Quelles sont les fonctionnalités du Bad Bot Manager de Radware ?

Le Bot Manager de Radware offre une protection complète des applications Web, mobiles et des API contre les menaces automatisées, par exemple, les bots. Le Bot Manager gère de manière précise les bots sur tous les canaux en associant une modélisation comportementale pour une analyse granulaire des intentions, une intelligence collective des bots, mais aussi l'empreinte digitale des navigateurs, des applications et des machines. Il protège également contre toutes formes de vol de comptes (bourrage d'informations d'identification, force brute, etc.), de refus d'inventaire, d'attaques DDoS, de fraude publicitaire et de paiement et d'extraction de contenu Web pour protéger les entreprises et les aider à accroître leurs activités en ligne.


"We onboarded Bot Manager in the midst of our peak season, and saw immediate results/benefits. Our customer's experience are our top priority.
By working with Radware we are able to better secure and improve the shopping experience.”

Daniel Padevet
Head of Web & IT Operations Team,

Features and Functionality

Bot Manager’s detection and mitigation engine provides the most comprehensive solution to protect web applications from bot threats.

  • Intent-based deep behavioral analysis
  • Embedded machine-learning modules that learn and evolve from feedback received
  • Device and browser fingerprinting
  • Anomaly detection based on automated identification of a genuine user flow

Bot Manager's extensive integration options are designed to suit your existing infrastructure without the hassle of network or infrastructure changes. Select the integration option that best suits your needs:

  • Web Server Plugins
  • Cloud Connectors
  • JavaScript Tag
  • DNS Redirection
  • Applications virtuelles

Bot Manager's granular data reporting and analytics allows users to analyze website traffic. The intuitive dashboard lets you:

  • Analyze all traffic to your site, including real-time reporting of malicious bot traffic, legitimate traffic, crawlers, and more
  • Set up your choice of mitigation options and configure other bot management actions based on your unique needs
  • Configure your own custom alerts

Bot Manager leverages advanced technologies to outperform in-house solutions as well as competitors. It differentiates good and bad traffic using:

  • User behavior analysis
  • Dynamic Turing tests
  • Collective bot intelligence
  • IP reputation feed
  • Intent-based analysis
  • Device and browser fingerprinting
  • Blockchain-based mitigation

Radware Bot Defense Lab’s team of experienced data analysts provides your organization with:

  • Real-time threat monitoring
  • Analysis, investigation, and response to malicious threats
  • Custom weekly reports
Detect and Mitigate Automated Threats

Detect and Mitigate Automated Threats to Take Control of
Bot Traffic

Radware’s Bot Manager helps businesses
detect, classify, and prevent malicious bot activities.

Watch this video for a quick overview on how Bot Manager works.

Protection From All Automated Threats

Account Takeover


Attackers employ bots and botnets to programmatically target user accounts. Fraudsters try to take over user accounts using breached or stolen credentials to make unauthorized transactions, transfer rewards and wallet balances, and access confidential corporate and user data.


Bot Manager leverages behavioral analysis to detect large-scale distributed account takeover attempts.

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API Abuse


Attackers overwhelm business-critical services by sending traffic from multiple clients and overwhelming APIs. APIs are also used to carry out automated attacks such as web scraping and account takeover.


Bot Manager analyzes every API request, including HTTP headers and payload to identify anomalous behavior patterns, and filters bad API calls by performing intent analysis to understand the actual intent behind every API request.

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Hackers carry out price and content scraping by using bots to programmatically crawl your website to obtain information about your pricing strategies and/or copy your unique content to gain an unfair advantage.


Bot Manager collects over 250 parameters along with device and browser fingerprinting, deep behavior modeling and dynamic Turing tests to identify sophisticated bots and block scraping of prices and other content on your website and application.

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Hackers use Brute Force techniques to target coupons, gift vouchers and payment cards. Carders deploy bots on merchants' checkout pages to verify and complete their illegally obtained cardholder datasets for fraudulent purposes or for resale.


Bot Manager helps organizations detect massive, distributed attacks on payment processing pages by combining multiple parameters including mouse movements, keystrokes and URL traversal patterns to spot non-human behavioral patterns.

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Scalpers use bots to scoop up limited or high-demand products or event/ travel tickets and resell them on various portals for a profit, frustrating genuine buyers and harming brands.


Bot Manager’s multi-layered bot detection engine and contextual threat intelligence ensures accurate detection and blocking of bad bots before they can infiltrate into your web applications.

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Skewed Analytics


Bots skew marketing metrics, disrupt funnel analysis, and inhibit KPI tracking. Automated traffic inflates product metrics, campaign data, and traffic analytics, making it hard for decision makers to develop the best strategies based on actual data.


Bot Manager seamlessly integrates with leading marketing tools to help you filter known bots, spiders, and sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) from your analytics, giving you an accurate look-to-click ratio.

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Ad Fraud


Bad bots harm publishers and advertisers by creating false impressions and generating illegitimate clicks on digital ads on websites and mobile apps.


Using collective bot intelligence, Bot Manager ensures that ads are only shown to humans and assures high-quality traffic for advertisers.

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Form Spam


Malicious bots are used to spam your website's comments section and frustrate genuine users by posting phishing links, malicious links, and downloadable malware that could potentially steal personal information. Form spam also hinders marketing teams obtaining accurate and actionable visitor data.


Bot Manager uses a multi- layered detection approach to identify bad traffic and only provides access to genuine visitors to your website or application, giving you genuine leads and conversations.

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The Most Comprehensive Bot Management Solution

Complete Application Security

  • Integrates bot management, WAF, API protection and DDoS mitigation for comprehensive application protection
  • Unified dashboard provides 360-degree, real-time visibility
  • Website functionality and user experience are enhanced, and scalability is maintained during peak traffic periods.

Blockchain-based Mitigation

Radware’s Crypto Challenge mitigation option is based on Blockchain’s Cryptographic ‘Proof of Work’ concept.

  • Invisible browser-based challenges presented to suspected bots, with exponential increases in difficulty.
  • Effectively creates a ‘Cyber Counter Strike’ by forcing the attacker’s CPU to work harder every time it is challenged.
  • Mitigates sophisticated CAPTCHA-solver and avoider bots
  • CAPTCHA-free user experience.

Protection dédiée des API

Multiple specialized API protection features:

  • API flow control protects machine-to-machine and IoT endpoints
  • Invocation context secures web and mobile APIs
  • API client SDK defends machine-to-machine APIs
  • Authentication flow analysis safeguards APIs against ATO

Award Winning Bot Management for Every Industry

Radware Bot Manager provides specialized enterprise-grade defense against sophisticated bots that carry out malicious attacks against websites, applications, and APIs operated by every type of industry.

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Prévenir les attaques automatisées contre les sites Web, les applis mobiles et les API

Prévenir les attaques automatisées contre les sites Web, les applis mobiles et les API

Bot Manager de Radware s'intègre à la Solution d'atténuation des attaques (AMS) pour offrir la protection la plus avancée du marché contre des attaques sophistiquées et automatisées.

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Assurer la sécurité des API contre les cyberattaques de bots

Assurer la sécurité des API contre les cyberattaques de bots

Malgré leur déploiement rapide et étendu, les API ne sont toujours que peu protégées face aux menaces automatisées croissantes. Découvrez les dangers des attaques de bots sur les API et les meilleures façons de s'en protéger.

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The OWASP Top 21 Automated Threats And Security Capabilities To Stop Them

The OWASP Top 21 Automated Threats And Security Capabilities To Stop Them

This guide reviews each of the OWASP top 21 automated security threats and provides an overview of security capabilities required to mitigate each threat.

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Livres blancs
Combating Web Scraping In Online Businesses

Combating Web Scraping In Online Businesses

This white paper provides an overview of the various types of ways automated bots executing web scraping and how Radware’s bot management solutions can mitigate the threat

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